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Animal Rights - Who we are

Animal Rights is a registered foundation (NGO) in the Netherlands and Belgium. The foundation, established in 2009 began as an action group against animal testing. Since 2015, we have expanded to focus on five primary campaigns: Ban fur, End hunting, Stop the slaughter, Replace animal testing and Plant Power. At Animal Rights, we believe that each animal is an individual with a right to life and well-being, regardless of their apparent usefulness for humans. Animals are not instruments to be used, commodities to be traded, machines to do our bidding, or products to be consumed. We believe in a society where humans and non-human animals live in harmony.

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What we do

To expose and fight cruelty and violations of animals' rights, we utilize; images, including undercover and covert footage, we use solid research, sound arguments, education/information programs, traditional and social media, legal efforts, legislation and political avenues, life-saving actions and powerful petitions

We use our experience and expertise through educational programs, events, informative articles, FAQ and outreach to inform all ages about Animal Rights, why we do this work, why rights for animals are important, why each individual animal matters and to educate people about the reality and cruelty of animal agriculture, fur industry, animal testing, hunting and to teach about coexisting with wildlife and how to protect wildlife and keep their natural habitats safe.

We also provide information and the solutions to creating a world that is kinder to animals, better for the environment and human health through our Plant Power campaign. With this campaign, we encourage people to adopt a plant-based diet and use products that have not been tested on animals or are toxic to the environment.

Animal Rights is a true voice for the weakest in society. We are active in the Netherlands and Belgium, and are 100% committed to animal rights.

Our campaigns

Say no to fur

Mink are trapped in 17 Flemish mink farms in Flanders, and in the Netherlands there are 200 mink farms. The mink are used to produce fur collars and coats. A complete ban on fur farming in the Netherlands will come into full effect by January 1, 2024. Good news, but until then, many animals suffer horribly. We want an end to the breeding of animals for fur as soon as possible. The minks who are incarcerated cannot wait. In Flanders, mink breeding is still allowed and of course we want this banned as soon as possible as well. Animal Rights exposes the abuse of animals on mink farms. We take footage of the animals living in appalling conditions. We also film the brutal manner in which the animals are gassed. We urge politicians to stop the breeding of animals for fur now. We are also working to end the imports of all fur into Netherlands and Belgium.

Ban hunting

Animals are hunted in their natural habitat. Often under the guise of fauna management, or described as 'pests', hunters set out to shoot animals. Animal Rights argues for a new vision of flora and fauna, which not only preserves species, but also the interests of individual animals and protects the environment they live in. Wild animals belong and deserve as much peace and space as possible and humans need to learn to co-exist with other animals.

Hunt saboteurs Our hunt saboteurs regularly go out to demonstrate against hunting and protect animals in the field. We always do this peacefully. We often witness shocking hunting crimes, our revealing images reveal hidden animal suffering. We are the eyes and ears in the field, we protect wild animals and we record hunting crimes.

Stop the slaughter

In our society, chickens, pigs, cows and many other animals are raised and slaughtered, usually under very poor and inhumane conditions. For us, every animal has the individual's right to life and well-being. Animal Rights exposes the horrific conditions in which animals are forced to exist in factory farms. The transport and slaughter methods create stress, anxiety and pain for the animals. We want to raise awareness of this abuse and encourage people to opt for a plant-based diet.

Replace animal testing

Animals are used in experiments for commercial and medical purposes. In the Netherlands and Belgium, there are more than 350 institutions authorised by the government to carry out animal experiments. Animal experiments are funded by the government, interest groups and industries. In the Netherlands and Belgium, more than 2.5 million animals are killed every year in deadly tests. While many of the animals are killed before being used in tests, countless others have to suffer through torturous experiments before they are killed. Through petitions, protests, undercover reports, action campaigns and dialogues, we have increased the pressure to get animal testing replaced. We have saved beagles, Labradors and monkeys from laboratories. Our goal is total cessation of animal testing.

Plant Power!

With Plant Power, we want to help all people get started with eating more plant-based foods. The will is often there, as many people have compassion for animals, but they know too little about the alternatives. Our plant-power brochure shows how tasty and easy to prepare plant food is and we inform people how much better a plant-based diet is for the animals, human health and the environment.

What we stand for

The above mentioned are the main objectives of Animal Rights. In addition to these goals, the following points are also of great importance to Animal Rights:

  • Animal Rights upholds Gandhi's principle of peace: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. Animal Rights therefore rejects any form of violence and intimidation; we will speak out against and not tolerate violence or intimidation.
  • Animal Rights is a people-friendly and social organisation, with respect for both our allies and opponents. Our merchandise is, whenever possible, fair trade and organic.
  • We do not forget that man is also an animal. Animal Rights therefore also stands up for human rights, consumer rights, public health and the living environment for all animals.
  • The board, management and team of Animal Rights all stand for animal rights. We choose vegan foods, products and services.
  • Animal Rights cooperates with and accepts support from other animal rights and animal welfare organisations at home and abroad.

The management and employees of Animal Rights endorse and promote these principles; volunteers of Animal Rights are requested and encouraged to do the same. Animal Rights volunteers understand and respect the foundation's aims and should also bear the responsibility to adopt, endorse and promote the principles upheld and objectives pursued by Animal Rights.

How you can help

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  • One of our main objectives is to provide information. Follow Animal Rights on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. The 'liking', 'sharing' and 'retweeting' of our posts and tweets help to disseminate our messages to a wider audience.

Our contact details

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